The biggest feature of the silicone doll is that its weight is only 3.5kg. It can be lifted easily by one hand. Therefore, it’s very easy and convenient to change the dress and move around


Generation 4(fourth generation), code-named "embrace" the purpose of naming a lovely soft thinking. The newly developed nuclear material, if more "bread ", such as softness. In a tight latex layer of the skin Tsutsumu this soft-core material, to achieve a natural feel soft, but the atmosphere was tense. I received a wide range of motion caused by Shimo Massu redesigned frame with a hug.


Its super lightweight comes from synthetic polymer fiber and aluminum bone. The synthetic polymer fiber is used in sofa and room furniture as soft material. We take it and develop it to a better material for the doll. For the skin, it’s a compound of synthetic and natural silicone. Both of its texture and quality are like real human’s. The aluminum joints and light materials make it easy to adjust the movement. Movement, texture and softness are all in one.


Head size: 51cm / Breast size (with breast) 73cm; (without breast) 56cm / Breast size C65 and D60 / Waist 49cm/ Bottom 72cm/ Thigh 61cm/ Feet 21 cm/ Height 135cm/ Weight 3.5kg

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