Doll Production
After numerous tests on silicone formula, the result is like real human being: different softness on different part of body. Silicone art expresses its texture on different parts, such as face, chest, belly, belly button, hands, bottom, back, knees, legs and toes. Then use different silicone thickness to create the effects on bones.
When touching the chin, you can feel the muscle and the bone. To express the texture, the chin is made of silicone showing the muscle softness and the hardness of the bones.
Head adjustment when seated

Sitting position without any support on head, whether it looks down or side

We did a great effort on the softness of chest. The slight difference between pressing the chest and going back is shown.
Chest and body photos



The area from the belly button to lower belly has different textures. Its different from looking from the side to looking from the top. It has a mixed feeling of teenager and mature women.


Elegant back shape from side belly to bottom; beautiful figure from behind with butt up.

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