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The real human sized silicone doll has skeleton inside and SFX condensed silicone as base.
The skin tone is closer to humans¡¦ with even softer silicone breast.
It takes 5 extra days to complete the face makeup.
The skeleton is made of stainless steel and FRP, making it more similar to humans¡¦ poses and gestures. Inside fingers there are standard bones with fingernails.

Movement range
¡½The left picture shows the widest that the doll can reach.
¡½Arms and legs stretch to the farthest
At this position, there is a blocker. The joints are formed by a variety of complex structure; therefore, during movement, it could cause the blocker unable to work. To avoid harming the skeleton or silicone, please control your own limit.
¡½The arms can go up to 110 degrees. With time, the silicone could get old and easy to crack. Try to place them in horizontal position and do not raise up.
The arms can move front and back without limits, but please do not raise higher than the shoulders.
¡½When arm and legs are placed downwards, not only it looks good but also easy to change outfit. However, it could be wrinkled or split inside the thighs for long term pose.
¡½The leg can spread open (M shape) to 120 degrees. However, when during intercourse, please be careful not to damage the doll due to overpressure.
¡½The head can turn 360 degrees. In addition, you can turn the screw mounting to the center.
Body Maintenance
¡½Hang it up and spread its arms and legs as wide as possible. Stay away from other objects.

¡½For maintenance, when it sits, spread the arms and legs as open as it can and let it on a softer chair. Pay attention to the position of hip and back of knees to avoid wrinkles.
In addition, due to long time sitting, the back and hip would be wrinkled or have marks. Place a softer pad under is favorable.
Step to take off the head
1. To fasten the head, at the top of the head there is a 140mm long screw. Please use the included wrench to release it.
The linking of the neck screw is about 20mm¡C
2. When loosen the screws, be sure not to let the head drop. Use one hand to support the head while loosen the screw.
3. When the screw is taken out, be careful not to let the head drop. Use both hands to take off the head.
¡½Reverse the steps when install the head.
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